Deposit Withdrawal


Depositing funds into your account to trade with is quick and easy. Simply follow the steps below to fund your account:

1. Log in to the Client Area
2. Go to ‘Deposits’
3. Select the trading account you wish to make a deposit to, and choose from a number of available payment methods.


There are several ways to deposit funds into your trading account. Some of these methods may incur additional charges.

Please note that EM will not cover any exchange rates charged if you are depositing in a currency that is different to that of your bank funds.


We accept the following currencies: USD

Fees: Based on Deposit/Withdrawal rates.

Please note however that your bank may charge you a transfer fee.

Any bank transfers made to EM must be made from a bank account registered in the client’s full name, otherwise your funds may be returned to source.


We accept the following currencies: USD

Fees: Please note that using a credit card to make a deposit is subject to the following fees:

USD ($)
 – average is 4% of your deposited amount


To withdraw funds from your account, simply log in to client office, select the trading account you wish to withdraw from, and enter your desired amount.

If your nominated bank is in a different currency to your trading account, our Bank converts the amount at source at their rate or when the payment is received by your bank.

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